House builder showhome photography

House builder showhome photography

It’s not all big London construction sites that I work on. Residential house builder showhome photography is something that I really enjoy and would like to do more of.

My style is based on bringing out as much detail as possible in the fit and finish of the space. I’m quite a heavy user of lighting, but the ideal effect is natural and inviting.

This bedroom shot has a nightime effect, but shot during the day. Many of those soft accent lights have been added in stages then the whole image bought together post-production. It all looks convincing, but often the ambient light needs considerable help to build a strong room image and mood.


A kitchen detail that again has a very natural feel. However, it was heavily lit. The soft graduation across the front of the oven, the lack of reflection and cleaness….all down to subtle use of artificial lighting.


I normally start these room shots with the view from the window. If the camera is set to that exposure, the room would be very dark. So, base lighting to bring things back up and to keep the natural look. Then accents that will be bought together as one image after the shoot.






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