360 virtual tours created in high resolution quality and colour balanced.

Most 360 cameras, including Matterport can only take a single exposure of a room. This leads to a number of problems and shortfalls in quality – Room colourcasts cannot be corrected, window views are difficult to maintain and detail/resolution is poor. The only positive is that it’s fast to photograph/process and can therefore be offered at a cheap rate.

Based on the current technology, the absolute best 360 image, that allows control of the rooms ambient lighting, is a full frame sensor camera using a panorama head. Without getting too technical, it’s simply offers the best finished 360 by far. The downfall is that it is more time consuming post-production and requires a far greater depth of camera skill than a dedicated 360 camera.

This is the technique that CCP uses. A whole house 360 can be created this way, or, a more cost effective approach is to use this method for the key living spaces and a high quality 360 camera for the smaller bedrooms/washrooms etc.

Below are 3 examples – please take a look and see the superb colour control and resolution in these 360 tours.

Nobilia Projects

Luxury London kitchen showroom


Troy Homes

Exclusive Cock Fosters apartment


Troy Homes

London apartment