dressing room photograph showing shelving for house builder showhome

Showhome photography

2018 was a great year for me. Infact the final 3 months were absolutely hectic with a number for projects for new clients. The end of the year is a great time to reflect and make plans for the following year. One aspect of my work that I would like to grow is interiors and particularly showhome photography for housebuilders.

Looking around at a number of housebuilders websites, I often see images that are photographed in the same style. It’s a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range). The photographer shoots a wide bracket of exposures and a piece of software knits them altogether into one image. Personally I am not a fan. The images often look flat and it doesn’t show the detail and texture that careful lighting does.

HDR is a faster route but the end result isn’t as strong as lighting a room.

I offer great rates for interiors photography. Below are samples of interior images shot with my lighting techniques. Exteriors shot with both drone and fixed camera position. Plus, a short film showing the whole development from the air with the drone.

This is just a selection of images from the final gallery. If you are looking for high quality showhome photography, please contact me…I would love to show you what’s possible.

essex interiors photography of kitchen area
Bedroom ensuite photograph for house builder based in essex
nightime bedroom photography for housebuilders in Surrey


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