sunset london architectural image of walkie talkie building

High angles on big city builds

London construction photographer

High view points on large London builds can be a problem. As a London construction photographer I am often asked by clients if high angles are possible. Options are limited in such densely populated areas such as the city. UAV’s are definately out as CAA restrictions heavily limit their use close to builds and the public.

Helicopter flights are a good option, but expensive. One of my preffered methods is to try and get up in a man rider cradle from one of the site cranes. The images resulting images can be spectacular. Particularly if the photography can be timed for sunrise or sunset.

Often this is a lot to ask on a busy site. But, the images can be a great asset to the clients portfolio.

Here are a few images from a 2017 shoot of a new London landmark building – The Scalpel. The shoot was timed to catch both a good day for light and for the setting sun.

high angle london construction photographer image of scalpel building
sunset london architectural image of walkie talkie buildinglondon construction photographer image with aerial viewlondon construction photographer

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